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Valentine's Printable - Freebie

Hello again! It's almost Valentine's Day, have you made some super cute cards to send out? What about a little something sweet for loved ones in your home, and what about those close by? Today's post includes two free Valentine's Day printables we made just for you. One printable has words already spelled out and one has blank letter spaces so you can write your own messages!

You can either make these nuggets into a super simple card by attaching them to the front of any piece of paper folded in half, or you can build a little boat and put them inside a bag for an extra special presentation.

All you need is some Hershey's Nuggets, some paper and glue or tape!

First, you will need to print out the printable on a regular piece of 8.5"x11" printer paper. (The printable we made has 16 strips, these strips are 1"x3" in case you would rather skip the printable and make them with some cutesy scrapbook paper and punch out or hand draw letters.)

Then, cut out the strips.

Match the strips up with candies so you're ready to glue (or tape)

Simply put a bit of glue on the bottom, back edge of the paper (the side without ink), place the letter in the center of a Hershey's Nugget, turn it over and wrap the top over first, and seal together with the glued bottom.

Repeat this process until all of your strips have been used.

To make a simple card, measure the height of the amount of Nuggets you have (they measure about 1" tall, so 4 Nuggets would be 4") and make a card 1/2" taller than the over all height. We used a 4"x4.5" piece of blue cardstock to create this sweet "post card".

Then, use double sided tape in the center of your card (or roll the tape like we did so it's sticky on both sides).

Place and press your Hershey's nuggets to the tape to secure them. You can write your message on the back, and feel free to embellish the front!

Or if you want to get a little more intricate, you can make a "boat" out of a piece of cardstock as tall as the Hershey's Nuggets (8 Nuggets = 8") and the width should be 2-3/8", scored at 1/2" in on either side. This will leave you with 1/2" sides and a 1-3/8" place for the nuggets to sit.

After you've wrapped your nuggets and placed them in a boat you can slide them into a plastic bag. (We got ours from Amazon, you can find them here on our shop page)

We topped ours with an OCN logo tag, measuring 2-1/4"x4" and folded in half, attached with double-sided tape. It's that simple!

Below are the printables! One with words...

...And blank ones so you can write your own message or names!

Let us know if you made your own by leaving us a comment, or tagging us on instagram @our.creative.nest #naturallycreative

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