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DIY Gift Bow

Today's craft is something you can do with what you already have in your home! It can also be used as a Holiday or any event gift bow to add some extra special love and brighten someones day! Win-win, craft time and you also get to add a handmade item to a gift. This craft is perfect for most ages!

Material list:

- 8.5x11 paper, magazine page, coloring page, etc

- Tape, (double-sided if you have it) or Glue (We used Elmer's school glue)

- Scissors


1. Cut three strips of paper 11"x0.75", three strips of paper 9.75"x0.75", two strips of paper 8.5"x0.75" and one strip of paper 4"x0.75"

2. On the backside of the strips, put a dot of glue on one edge and a dot of glue in the middle. If you are using a glue stick, you can glue each edge as you need to, but if you are using white (or clear) school glue, you will want the extra drying time while the strips are sitting patiently waiting for their turn.

3. Selecting one strip at a time, curve the edge of the strip (with the dot of glue) towards the middle and place the colored side (or whatever side you want showing) on the dot of glue in the middle.

4. Now take the other edge of the strip and do that same. Curve towards the middle and make sure the colored side is against the dot of glue. It will make a figure 8. Hold this in place until the glue is tacky enough to hold, usually about 20-30 seconds for white school glue.

5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 with each strip, EXCEPT the smallest one, you will just make a single loop with the smallest one. You can do that now, or wait until the end.

6. Now that we have all of our pieces, it's time to assemble our bow. Place a dot of glue in the middle of each figure 8 strip.

7. We are going to layer the bow, one strip at a time, starting with the three largest figure 8 pieces. Make sure you press each one down firmly and hold until the glue has dried enough to hold. You will want the figure 8 shapes to create a flower type shape.

8. Now for the next three medium sized figure 8 pieces. Add one piece at a time, trying to find the most open spot. This will be between the first (bottom piece) and second piece.

9. Keep going around the circle, adding the figure 8 pieces and making sure you press and hold firmly to get the glue to hold the pieces together.

10. Once you finish with the medium sized pieces, it's time to add the last two figure 8 pieces.

11. And finally, the finishing touch is the smallest piece, in a single loop, glued into the center.

If going around the circle with each figure 8 pieces gets a bit too confusing, you can make three clusters. One of each size of figure 8 pieces, with the smallest strip saved until last.

Once your clusters are glued together, you can assemble your bow, starting with the largest cluster and putting the medium sized cluster in the middle.

Then add the smallest cluster to the middle of the bow, trying to find the openings between the figure 8 pieces. Try to offset the loops or else they will get tucked into each other.

Lastly, put a glue dot on the colored side of one edge, and make a loop. Then glue that loop into the center of the bow cluster!

These bows are so much fun to make. Using regular school glue, you will need a little bit of patience, but these beauties are worth it!

In case you were wondering, we made these adorable air dry clay tags that double as ornaments thanks to L.O.V.E.S. Outdoor Education.

We hope you enjoyed this craft project! Please tag us if you share your creations using #OCN #Naturallycreative

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