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Foil Easter Eggs

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Today's craft is hopefully something you can do with what you already have in your home. It can also be used as a card to send to someone special to brighten their day! Win-win, craft time and you also get to send a handmade card to someone and let them know you are thinking about them. This craft is perfect for all ages!

Material list:

- Aluminum Foil

- Cereal box or something similar (you can also use regaled cardboard if you aren't planning

on sending it as a card)

- (1) 8.5x11" sheet of white cardstock (we used 80lb cardstock)

- Envelope

- Markers

- Glue (We used Elmer's X-Treme Glue Stick)

- Scissors


1. Draw an egg on your cardboard. If you will be sending as a card, make sure the size you draw will fit in your envelope.

Cut out the cardboard egg shape and then trace it on your cardstock.

Cut out your cardstock about 1/4-1/2" inside the egg line you've traced so there's a border of cardboard (it will be foiled).

It's best if you number the unprinted cardboard side of the egg, and the side of the cardstock that will be glued to it. That way when you go to glue them together, you won't accidentally glue the wrong sides together and have a wonky border. It also helps if you are making more than one egg.

Grab a sheet of foil (with at least 1"border around all sides or your egg) and glue the printed side of your cardboard (if you're using a soda or cereal box, if not, then glue the side without a number on it).

Place the cardboard egg, glue side down, onto the foil sheet (the matte side holds color better, so you can glue to the shiny side) and rub the back so you're sure it's adhered.

Trim the foil so you have a border of about 1" to 2" around the egg.

Fold the foil over the back of the egg.

And when you're finished, trim off any excess foil (making sure you can cover all the foil edges with your cardstock).

Flip the egg over and now it's time to decorate! As mentioned earlier, we discovered the matte side held color better, but the shiny side does look pretty.

Different markers provide different results. Crayola washable markers worked just fine, the fancy quick dry markers used were lack luster, and the super fancy Prismacolor Art Markers were very bold in color, but the color could be rubbed off.

Once you'd decorated your eggs, flip back over and glue the backside of the cardboard egg, and the cardstock (put glue on the numbered sides).

Put the glue sides together and rub well. Place under something flat and heavy (making sure you put a piece of parchment or wax paper between the egg and your book).

Then all that's left is for you to write a note and stick your egg in the envelope and send! Depending on the size/weight, you may have to add an additional ounce stamp to mail, but shouldn't need it.

We hope you enjoyed this craft project! Please tag us if you share your creations using #OCN #Naturallycreative

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