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Lavender Sugar Scrub

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

This super simple to make sugar scrub uses our Oil of the Month, Lavender, for an extra soothing benefit to this exfoliating scrub! In case you've never had the pleasure of using a sugar scrub, they're pretty awesome. It exfoliates + moisturizes your skin, leaving it refreshed (with the added lavender, smelling wonderful too)!

To use a sugar scrub:

- Jump into a warm shower + let your skin soften a bit with the water

- Apply the sugar scrub in a circular motion, using about a teaspoon at a time (you don't need to rub too harshly, the sugar will exfoliate your skin with normal pressure)

- Rinse with lukewarm water for best benefits

- Once out of the shower, pat skin dry

What you need to make your own sugar scrub:

- 1/2 cup coconut oil - room temp is fine, or warmed into liquid form

- 2 cups white granulated sugar

- 15-20 drops lavender essential oil

- Storage for approximately 3-6 cups depending on how tightly you pack the scrub.

We used a dozen 4 oz quilted Mason jars because they make perfect gifts for friends + family.

First, mix your 2 cups of sugar and 1/2 cup coconut oil together. You can use a mixer or do this by hand.

Then select the oil you would like to use (We chose Lavender for this batch) and mix in 15-20 drops to your coconut oil/sugar mixture

Stir well and then transfer into glass jars (Essential oils will eat away at plastic, so make sure you are using glass). If you choose to really pack down the scrub, you should end up with about 3 cups. If you spoon the mixture into jars and leave some air so it's easier to scoop out of the jar, you should get around 6 cups.

We hope you get a chance to make these at home. Again, they are quick + easy, plus make perfect gifts for friends + family. Don't forget to keep some for yourself too!

Leave us a comment if you make your own. Tag us on instagram @our.creative.nest #naturallycreative

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