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When Less [truly] Becomes More

The Book of the Month for January is When Less Becomes More by Emily Ley and I devoured it with fervor! I used it alongside my Bible study each morning so that each day, I applied a different chapter of Emily's excellent insight and reflection. Since finishing it, I have gifted it to many of my sweet friends. To me, Mrs. Ley's writings all speak straight to my soul and give grace to all of us in whatever struggle/hustle we are in. In every season of my adult life (especially those years before E and the first couple of years after) I have been pushing myself to my absolute max. I have thrived off of stress, deadlines, "doing and having it all" and gauged my self-worth based mostly on my accomplishments.

In the past couple years (as I've devoured every book and SM post Emily Ley or Simplified--her company puts out), I have learned to give more grace to myself; the same grace I continually pour out to each of my precious friends. I am still learning to not take everything so seriously and reflect at God's mercies for me every single day but I am certainly a recovering perfectionist and that makes my heart sincerely full of joy and gratitude.

In a world where we are constantly inundated with social media posts and new stories telling us all how we should live, what latest product we NEED to 'keep up with the Kardashians' (formerly the Jones'), and feeling less-than when we see everyone else's highlight reels, this book highlighted the idea of deglamorizing MORE MORE MORE and find the SIMPLE. For me, I found simple moments dancing around the kitchen while cooking dinner with my daughter and husband; simple moments just sitting on the couch in my sweats, admiring the view from my living room (piled up laundry included); the simple joy of celebrating a day where I left space in my planner/to-do list to do something spontaneous.

Emily's chapters are easy to read but full of sincerity and love. Every chapter I finished left me feeling renewed and SEEN/HEARD. It also gave me hope because I know I'm not the only momma out there thinking I'm failing all the time and constantly wondering if I should/could/have to do MORE or BETTER. This book has highlighted how less can truly be more; less commitments during the day can mean more family walks to the park nearby. Less guilt about coulda/woulda/shoulda makes room for more laughter, ya know the kind that makes you throw your head back? Less comparison gives more sincere moments of pride in all that you are and are growing into.

For February, the month of LOVE, we picked The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz!

I am excited to dive into this tomorrow! Are you joining us?! What is your preferred way to read, electronic (phone, tablet, audio) or old-school bound paperback?! Tag us throughout this month as you read + learn with us using #naturalllycreative and happy reading!!

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