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Oil Uses: Thieves

The Oil of the Month for January is Thieves (check out Mysha's combination recipe HERE)

and we selected this particular oil combination with the thought of a "clean start" and flu season in mind! Thieves is seen many times in homemade cleaners; however, after some searches and getting lost in a Pinterest hole, I found many other uses for this oil combination! I love knowing that my family, at least in one area of life, is protected from random chemical exposure.

Here are some simple uses for Thieves oil that I tried this week & tips I discovered:

1. Laundry Freshness

For laundry freshness, I added 5-8 drops in each load (depending on the size) along with my usual detergent and I noticed a significant difference with my towels and pet bedding staying particularly fresh! I have also known people who add 1 tablespoon to each dish cycle in the dishwasher but since I don't have one, I didn't get a chance to try it out myself.

2. Disinfecting Floors

I applied about 10 drops to my hot mop water and it made my floors look and feel clean. I also loved the scent all over the house!

3. Diffuser

I kept this running in my diffuser this month to see if it made a difference in our house as we are battling flu season now and (knock on wood) none of us have been sick with the flu so far! For a more concentrated effect, and with flu season in particular, you can add a few drops to water and bring to a boil and breath in the steam to give relief to cold + flu symptoms/congestion.

4. Pain Relief + Bone Healing

I broke my ankle a couple weeks ago and have been using Thieves mixed in coconut oil to rub (very gently) on my ankle and foot to relieve pain and help heal those bones a little faster since I'm starting to loose my mind on bedrest at present!

5. Headaches

This one blew my mind! I had a terrible headache the first week of January (detox is painful) and I had chugged so much water (my usual remedy for everything) and still wasn't getting any relief from the nagging pain. Since Mysha and I had just been researching Thieves use for the month, I quickly looked up how to use it for headaches. You place 1-2 drops on your thumb (or finger) and place it on the roof of your mouth. My headache was gone within the next 10 minutes and it shocked the heck out of me!

These have been ways I have seen Thieves as simple-to-use in life and around the house. I hope each of these Oils of the Month will help us all find easier, chemical-free ways to thrive in Our Creative Nests! Check out our Pinterest page for some more oil-use recommendations, as we'll add more recipes and tips with each new Oil of the Month!

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