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Keeping up with 2020

How is your year going so far?! I feel like this month is already flying by and I'm beginning to feel the anxiety of those lofty goals I set the last week of December! I hear all the time people asking, dreaming and trying to figure out "how to stay motivated and achieve" their new years resolutions so, on this 74th day of January, I thought I'd share my personal perspective.

For 2020, I set DISCIPLINE as the theme of my year. I think people (myself in previous years included) wonder how the heck they're going to stick to a goal. Some people find motivation in routine, some in external factors like an accountability partner and others find it within themselves. I decided that this year was going to be MY year...the year I stop making excuses or overwhelming myself with unrealistic goals and then feeling ashamed or upset that I couldn't reach the (extremely high, in most cases) bar I'd set at the beginning.

Here are some ways I'm using my theme word to make things happen:


It's like brushing your teeth. I may not want to brush my teeth before bed as I walk to my bedroom like a zombie after my most recent Netflix binge session; however, I know that my oral health is important and I know that down the road, if I don't take care of myself, it'll cost me lots of money (fillings, deep cleanings, etc) and heartache (I take a lot of personal pride in my smile after 2 rounds of braces). My DISCIPLINE is what drives me to do the things I NEED to get done, even when I lack motivation.

2. Weekly check-ins.

Every Sunday evening you will find me scanning through my Simplified Planner (I'm obsessed with all things Emily Ley) with a highlighter and pen. I review my week, ensuring all my appointments are there, getting a feel for how much free time I've left for myself to breath during the day, highlighting certain areas I feel are priority (doctor appts, kid commitments, date night). After all the vitals are documented, I put in my Vision goals such as getting up a couple hours before my family so I can have alone time and get my Bible study done first thing each day. I schedule out each meal so I can ensure that I am prioritizing my current health issues (something I absolutely would've overlooked in previous years). It may seem silly to write "drink shake #1" every day at 730am; however, for me, it is like making an appointment with MYSELF and I live for that next appointment in my day.

3. I schedule breaks.

I am a WFHM (work from home mom) at present, doing a little consulting on the side for a local school district, as well as working on this big blog dream of mine with my bud, Mysha, so I have a lot on my plate every single day. It is easy for me to just jump from one to-do task to the next in my ever-growing list but this year, I've made it my full intention to actually schedule breaks in my day to just breath. Putting a "hold" or "pause" on all the requirements life as a working mom entails and simply finding JOY..all thanks to the DISCIPLINE it takes to schedule those breaks for my soul. It makes me a better wife, Momma, friend and a MUCH better human...I'm learning to give the same grace I pour out to others to myself. One day at a time, one scheduled REST at a time!

I hope these tips will help you find ways to keep tracking on those 2020 Vision goals! I am sending love + encouragement with this blog post to each of you! Please let us know how you are staying focused in 2020 and if any of these tips are helpful to you! #naturallycreative

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