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Friday Favorites- Valentine Edition

Good morning + Happy Day of LOVE (aka Valentine's Day)! This beautiful day of love is a perfect kickoff to our newest Nest tradition, #5FridayFaves! Here are a few of my favorite things:

1. Mrs. Meyers floral soaps

I am literally obsessed with these soaps! Not only are they wonderful at cleaning, but they smell like heaven! I throw down some soap and just look out my kitchen window and imagine running through a field of peonies or wildflowers! Makes doing dishes not so miserable, right?! I've just started ordering through Grove and love getting the newest scents delivered straight to my door (keep an eye on the blog for a specific post about my newest Grove obsession)!

2. Fresh cut Flowers

My latest hobby has captured my heart and makes me feel truly renewed every time I learn something new! I have always loved the outdoors, flowers and trees in particular, so the opportunity to arrange them with my hands dirty from soil or greenery and having them on display around the house is just the sum of life's happiness to me!

Recently I found a website ( where I can watch free videos to learn more about arrangements and I've obviously been spending A LOT of time on Pinterest and shopping at Trader Joes (they have new fresh cut flowers daily) to try out different arrangements! What's your favorite flower? My current favorite is Geraniums...they add class to any arrangement!

3. Garmin Vivoactive3

If there's one thing you'll always see me wearing, it's my Garmin watch! My friend introduced me to this watch + I think it's perfect for looking classy, but is durable enough for working out or roughing it while camping or hiking! It has a comfortable band and surprisingly, the white doesn't get dingy or discolored at all by things I wear or dirt + grime! It is waterproof and can get notifications from your phone (although I turned that feature off on mine since I don't like the constant accessibility/distraction). Check out our shopping link for my exact model, HERE!

4. Fire Tablet + Matching Case

There's not much free time you'll find me without a book in my hand! I was filling up every spare space in our house shelves with books of all kinds. I don't re-read very many books. So, for Christmas, my husband got me the best gift e-reader, the Fire 7 tablet specifically and a matching case in the most beautiful green I could imagine! Now, I carry a book with me everywhere I go (in my purse) and can finish twice the number of books I usually do with zero clutter around the house!

5. Kitchen Accessories

I am always interested in a new cooking tool! I watch tons of cooking videos, follow various types of chefs on social media and am ALWAYS interested in trying a new recipe. A very southern core belief is loving others through food and goodness gracious, did I learn that growing up! My grandmother would cook everything she had in the house and fill an entire (huge) table full of heavenly tastes every time she heard anyone might visit, something I've always admired about her! I am that southern woman...if you come to my house, you will not leave hungry or in want of any hospitality! My favorite thing to make is soup. I firmly view soup as it's own (WONDERFUL) food group and make it at least once a week, even when it's not cold outside. My newest kitchen accessory is a large cast iron dutch oven! In my opinion, it makes all food taste a million times better (everything IS better in cast iron)!

I hope you enjoyed this detailed round up of my favorite things and if you're interested in any of these items, check out Our Creative Nest's shopping page HERE

Happy Valentine's Day, we send so much love today + with every blog post we write to all of our lovely Nesters!

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