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Fabulous Friday

Since we have been sick the past couple of weeks, you get a double fabulous Friday with our #FridayFaves AND #AirFryerFriday

Let's start with 5 #FridayFaves first!!!

1. Mrs. Meyer's new scent

Y'all....I can't even handle that fact that my favorite brand of household cleaners and soaps now has my all-time-favorite scent, ROSE! I have been obsessed with all of their spring floral scents and usually stock up to last me through winter but now, this is a game changer! (Check out our social media post where I lose my dang mind in the middle of Target, lol) I, of course, had to have the set (dish soap, hand soap, and cleaning spray). I still hand wash our dishes, so for me, it's those little things that make a redundant task so much more enjoyable!

2. Fascia Blasting

I know this is a little odd, but since I've finally been able to resume working out hard and running regularly (after breaking my ankle in 2 places), I've been so sore and researching like crazy. I started reading up about fascia while I was on bedrest and recently ordered THIS roller to relieve my soreness and any build up in my myofascial tissue!

3. Hatch Rest Sound Machine

If you have little ones or know someones expecting a little one, RUN, don't walk to your computer + Amazon Prime this item!! I recommend or buy this for everyone I know because for us, it has been the easiest and most consistent item in my daughter's bedroom. It has an app so that you can control sound and color (as well as how bright or dim) from anywhere your Bluetooth will reach. It also allows you (within the app) to set a routine so it will automatically change colors or plays music/sound at specifically set times. For us, we used this as our "okay to wake" alarm system as well. My daughter knows that if the light is green, it's still time to be in bed + time for our bodies to rest. It has also helped with bedtime routine. When the light turns yellow + starts playing a calming lullaby, it's time to start getting ready for bed. There is a newer version of this item called the Rest+, but for $30 less, the one we have is doing the trick. I think either version you choose, you will get more than your money's worth! I love this product because it has grown with her over the years. When she was tiny and first moved into her own room, it was a great sound machine + the light gentle enough for nighttime nursing sessions and now that she's growing so fast, it's helped her transition to her big-girl bed with routine and honestly, she loves getting to pick out the color and what they all mean so it's been overall (we've had ours nearly 5 years). Also, Hatch has amazing customer service. Our cord bend and stopped working to charge the device and they not only sent me a new cord but also a coupe of lampshade-like covers to customize her machine! It was really cool and I can't speak higher of a company that values it's customers that way (especially these days).

4. Wellements Organics

I was recently introduced to this line of children's medications and I'm already so impressed by their products. This time of year is brutal with literally everyone around us getting sick or fighting off something (cold, flu, allergies). I tried the nighttime cough + mucus syrup because my daughter had a cold and I wanted comfort that the product I was giving her was safe to use for the multiple nights she was sick. It's free from parabens, artificial flavoring and preservatives (so make sure you refrigerate it after opening).

5. Opalhouse Soy Candles

I am a master at candles. Maybe it's my southern raising, maybe it's my strong sense of smell...but I love candles. If you walk in my house, from the front door, you can spot at least 2-3 candles immediately. I have tried the Anthro ones (still one of my favorites), many MANY target ones, walmart branded ones and of course, Bath&Body. This Opalhouse soy line is my favorite right now and so much cheaper than the alternatives (You can also get the scents in a diffuser as well if candles aren't your thing). My favorite scents at present are Blushing Amber, Coastal Linen and Crystal Flora. I highly suggest stocking up on these next time Target has a deal on them via the Target app!! Also keep an eye on our blog and social media for some tips on repurposing the beautiful glass jars they come in!!

Well I hope these products will bring some joy and that you'll check them out! Keep an eye on social media as we create our #AirFryerFriday treat this evening!! Happy Friday!!

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