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Dream Boards: Bringing in 2020 with a vision (pun intended)

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

ASHLEY: I love that Mysha + I approach this project so differently. We both went through our personalized worksheet to organize and prioritize goals; however, when it comes to application, I am 100% a pen-to-paper kinda gal vs. her amazingly artistic, savvy technological approach. I wrote out my list a couple times to ensure all of my goals are practical, measurable (meaning I’ll know for sure how I am progressing on them and have deadlines set for each) and specific to my ultimate goal (word for 2020). Lucky for me, it just so happened that I penned down 20 specific goals for 2020; how sublimely flabbergasting, am I right?!

Discipline is the word I chose for the new year. I think most people would already identify me as a disciplined person; however, to me, the word means more like having the discipline to do things for MYSELF when all I’m used to giving is to others. Discipline to say NO when I just want to pour my talents outward. Discipline to prioritize my health and wellness, as well as education. Lastly, discipline to not allow my emotional state (usually high functioning stress) to overshadow my desire to work on myself and the callings of my heart (i.e. curling up on pillows to read with my daughter, snuggling up with my husband at the end of the day on the couch instead of tackling those last 3 things on my ever-growing to-do list). Each of my subcategories are areas I desire to grow discipline in and each goal is practical and reasonable for the coming year.

I get so excited for a new year. Like a slate being wiped down to hold another coverage of amazing possibilities and ideas. I’m always reading about and striving to grow as a human and I’m a bit of a nerd (written as a completely positive trait), so a chance to learn is always a win in my book (again, pun intended, sorry!!). I hope you find our worksheet helpful to develop your own dream board and tag us with #naturallycreative on Instagram + Facebook as you work on your creations, as we’d love to see your goals laid out in whatever form you choose to create yours!

MYSHA: I love that Ashley loves this project. I’m laughing as I write this because this first ever OCN project has made me feel so juxtaposed! I’m used to working with pretty paper and being crafty and just winging things (rulers, who needs ‘em, just eyeball that sucker!). I try to keep my life pretty stress-free, tending to hide inside and not venturing too far beyond my studio walls. Then in comes the Dream Board…

The Dream Board was introduced by Ashley (of course). A stunningly brilliant, goal-oriented planner who has a life filled with all kinds of unknowns, who makes all these things look perfectly polished. And to be honest, this was a project I have been looking forward to… but that was until I had to try and figure out how to make these things Ashley has nailed – GOALS! Thankfully, Ashley understands me and as I pleaded for help, a worksheet was born! For people like her to fine-tune their goals, and people like me figure out what a potential goal could be!

Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever even written a goal down… and I guess technically I still haven’t since I copped out and went digital because I knew this was the only way I would actually complete a Vision Board. It’s centered left to right, font chosen after a few tries, constantly resized text, patterns selected and then discarded… And in the end, my board was not nearly as free spirited as I would have thought it would be, but it’s there… and can be upgraded as I go.

My word for 2020 is ‘CREATE’ – To bring into existence. Far too often I’m a dreamer, not a doer. I love thinking. What-ifs, wouldn’t-this-be-cools, how-about-this… And I’m a rock star at ideas! However, when it comes time to actually make it… ehhhh, that’s another story. So this year I WILL CREATE! I will buckle down and make things, even if they aren’t perfect, even if they need a couple of rough drafts before the final is apparent, I will make things.

I will finish the series of children’s books I started over a decade ago, I will host an art show starring myself, and I will not only make super cool Happy Mail for those I love, but I will actually sell them to pay for my paper addiction. I will create a bond with physical fitness, and heart health, creating a place where my body can find joy in being in a position other than sitting at a desk.

I am excited to share my crafts I so enjoy making and hope you can create along with me this year. I would love to help others get their creative juices flowing. After all, creativity is one things that only increases the more you use it!

From both of us, we wish you a very HAPPY new year and send love + encouragement with all the possibilities 2020 has in store! We hope you continue to follow along with us as we try new things, move toward these wonderful goals we've each set for ourselves, and learn some fun + adventurous things along the way...we warmly welcome you to Our Creative Nest!

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