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Chicken Avocado Soup

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

I (Ashley) started an elimination plan on Monday to learn a little bit about what is causing some chronic physical issues I’ve been having for about the past 5-8 years (I know, I know… "take care of yourself to take care of others”). I am using some Arbonne products, as well as following a strict elimination plan that removes dairy, soy, gluten with the goal of removing toxins from the body and then slowly (after the first 30 days) and intentionally adding elements back in and documenting how my body reacts. So far, I’m now on day #3, I am feeling less bloated and slightly more energetic than usual. I haven’t had any REAL hunger or cravings, which is huge for me. I like the shakes and certainly feel like I’m finally getting enough vegetables and fruit in my daily routine! Being a grown-up is so overrated…I keep reminding my little one of this! But I am proud of the effort I’ve made to focus on my physical health as much as mental health (as a trained therapist, I am ALWAYS thinking about mental health). 

On Monday, I made a delicious Chicken Avocado Soup recipe provided on the meal plan and took a few notes on how I’d improve/alter it when I make it in the future (which I DEF will!). I shared some snippets of me cooking on Instagram, but Mysha + I thought a (beautiful-Mysha did the artwork) personally designed recipe card with our recommendations/alterations would be just perfectly CREATIVE!! 

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and it’s helpful to the MANY of you that I know are currently hyper focused on nutrition and exercise as goals for 2020! Let us know what you think by tagging us @our.creative.nest or #naturallycreative

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Mysha Oveson
Mysha Oveson
2020년 1월 08일

I can’t wait to try this! It sounds sooooo tasty!

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