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Hi! We're Ashley + Mysha


We started Our Creative Nest because we have so much to share! Our lives are so full that our cups runneth over. Join us on our journey of fun, family, travel, + the creative lives we lead. ​Grow with us as we embark on this exciting new adventure.  #NaturallyCreative

Hi! I’m Ashley, one half of Our Creative Nest! I have been a lifetime learner, meaning I soak my mind constantly with new areas of interest. I have worked retail (which I loved), served in the Navy for a term (I was a Gunnersmate—look it up!), worked as a government contractor for a few years (loved the people but not the actual job), went back to graduate school to become a Marriage + Family Therapist and had a full client list for a couple of years. About a year ago, I chose to stay home and find projects to entertain myself so I could be more present in our home while raising small children. Throughout all of these life twists + turns, I realized the few things I am always passionate about are helping others (my mom + dad BOTH nurtured/exemplify a servant’s heart), reading/learning anything new I can get my hands on, and  writing. Linking up with Mysha on this project is so inspiring to me and every day I wake up wondering what new thing we can explore and share with you! She uses her brilliant imagination to “what if” and I use my dominant left-brain to make a plan to get it done! I love our collaboration on any project because I think we truly highlight each other’s passions + celebrate one another’s strengths. 


Here are some random facts about me:

  1. My favorite time of day is 5-7am (before + as the sun comes up, also the only time my house is quiet). My favorite day of the week is Monday; fresh starts inspire me! 

  2. I am originally from Oklahoma and a die hard (+ alumni of) University of Oklahoma fan. BOOMER!! 

  3. My husband + I met while both on active duty at my first duty station (it was forbidden love, intense, right?!)

  4. Some of my happiest moments include organizing and decorating things! What an amazing thing it is to create a calm space for those you love to enjoy + feel warmth and love always! I also have a general obsession with all things Disney! 

  5. I love animals and hope to one day run an animal rescue on our personal property! 

Hello, I’m Mysha, part of the Creative Nest Duo. I have always been curious + a thinker… And if I’m being honest, a total weirdo. Growing up in a small town, I was definitely an outsider; always wondering about things no one else around me ever even thought about, and not caring so much about what all those around me cared about (outdoors, hunting, fishing, farming). I am one of those people who things came easy. I was smart enough in school I didn’t have to study too much, I have never had to exercise or diet to keep a fit figure, and honestly, I’m just plain lucky. And you know what they say, better to be lucky than good… which I’m totally down with! This being said, it’s made middle age a little difficult, because all of a sudden, I’m having to work for things I want, and I’m not used to that, and I think that’s why I have so much respect and love for my Nest partner, Ashley. She’s like my strong and determined workhorse compass in my indoor cat world of puffy blankets and snacks… what can I say, she’s my inspiration (I’m also corny and tend to lead into song lyrics… you’ll have to get used to it). I really do enjoy helping others, + Our Creative Nest is a place Ashley + I can take our two sides and join them into a super helping people power resource! Or you know, a naturally creative blog of fun stuff we enjoy and think other’s will too… and to be clear, I’m more of the artsy-craftsy gal that will show you handmade isn’t scary, and that we all have a creative side if we are willing to put our self-doubt in check... I’m learning the discipline and organization part! If I’m not inside, you can usually find me behind a camera, shooting photos and video as I have fallen in love with visual story-telling.   


Some fun facts about me:


• I LOVE the show Archer (yes, seriously this is my #1 fact)

• piggybacking off #1, I watch the same shows/movies over 

   and over and over

• Disney’s animated movie 101 Dalmatians was what made me

   want to be an artist though Sword in the Stone is my favorite     Disney Movie

• Growing up, I loved reading encyclopedias and currently

   have 6 sets

• I have such vivid dreams that I have a collection of screenplay

   ideas on my phone strictly from my subconscious


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